This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash

January 13, 2014

Episode twenty-four, the first of 2014, features the novel This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash.


Live from Winter Wheat Festival of Writing featuring Matt Bell

November 16, 2013

Episode twenty-three is a podcast with a live studio audience from the Winter Wheat Festival of Writing, featuring Matt Bell. His most recent novel is In the House Upon the Dirt Between the Lake and the Wood.

The live audience submitted drink and book recommendations:


Robert Russell--Tequila Neat
Laura Walter-- Beer. All the Beer
Jason Harris-- Virgil's Root Beer--because it has multiple flavors and an aftertaste
Catherine Carberry-- Old Fashioned, because what is more old fashioned than biblical plagiarism
Suzanne Hodson--Honey Bear, milk, honey, whisky and cinnamon, heated


Laura Walter--Train Shots by Vanessa Blakeslee
Brad Moldin--Anne Valente's forthcoming book (2014)
Katrin Tschirgi--You Only Get Letters From Jail by Jodi Angel
Erin Miller--The Well Speaks Its Own Poison by Maggie Smith

A special Thanks to Matt Bell and Abigail Cloud for this podcast. Happy Birthday to Dominique Bruno, the best roadie we could have.


Quiet Dell, by Jayne Anne Phillips

November 2, 2013

Episode twenty-two features Quiet Dell  by Jayne Anne Phillips

To read the Washington Post article referenced in this podcast, click here

To check out Heston Farms--referenced in the podcast but not specifically about Quiet Dell--click here

The girls narrowly miss podcasting in October, but talk about Quiet Dell, fiction based on true crime on All Saints Day. They also discuss trick-or treat, and great costumes, both human and canine. Updates include next summer's West Virginia Writers' Workshop, as well as the forthcoming podcast featuring Matt Bell from the Winter Wheat Festival of Writing later in November. 

Rose Metal Press Edition: The Kind of Girl by Kim Henderson

September 14, 2013

Episode twenty one features Kim Henderson's The Kind of Girl and is also our annual Rose Metal Press feature.

Check out the book's cool book trailer. And a terrific interview with the author at The Short Form. Gelsey the Golden pup makes her SummerBooks debut and gets wrapped around two different trees. It rains midway through and the girls keep talking while getting out of the rain. Despite the mayhem, SummerBooks explores this exciting collection of flash, discuss ideas about girlhood, and pair the book with the new release by singer/songwriter Neko Case. And, of course, there's a drink recommendation.

Thanks again to Kathleen and Abby at Rose Metal Press for sending us a terrific book and being one of our first SummerBooks traditions--one we love!

Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere by Poe Ballantine

August 30, 2013

Episode twenty features Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere by Poe Ballantine.


Live from the Press 53 Gathering of Writers: Michael Kardos

August 10, 2013

SummerBooks chats with Michael Kardos, author of One Last Good Time who makes several great book recommendations, and talked about detail, place, and revision among many other things.


Live from the Press 53 Gathering of Writers: Mary Akers

August 10, 2013

SummerBooks exclusive: Mary Akers shares the cocktail made expressly for her new book on our podcast. An much more!


Live from the Press 53 Gathering of Writers: Maggie Duncan

August 10, 2013

SummerBooks talks to published author and Gathering participant Maggie Duncan about the value of writing conferences and what she's reading now.


Live from the Press 53 Gathering of Writers: Christine Norris, Editor

August 10, 2013

Ever wonder how a book gets selected for publication? SummerBooks chats with Christine Norris, Editor at Press 53.


Live from the Press 53 Gathering of Writers: Cliff Garstang

August 10, 2013

SummerBooks reconnects with past featured author Cliff Garstang. Cliff updates us on many projects, including his 2013 reading, ongoing promotion of What the Zhang Boys Know, contests upcoming for Prime Number and much, much more.